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Kennethseals has the best healthy diets list in the internet. From amazing green salads to endless varieties of fruits we make sure your diet never gets boring!

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"Thank you to Kennethseals for an incredible diet they have provided me with. Within 2 months I felt like a different person and apart from losing the wight I felt incredibly strong and light"
Sally Perkins

Kennethseals is a company in Dubai, which guides its customers to healthy lifestyle. We manage to do this by providing healthy diet food programs, fresh, tasty, nutritious meals and informative consultations with our professionals dietitians.


Kennethseals has various food to offer, from the cuisine of the countries around the globe. We have the best healthy diets list that include endless varieties of food, to make sure your diet never gets boring! Our menu is full of healthy products. What’s most important, all of the meals are cooked fresh daily and packed with extra care. But getting packaged meal doesn’t mean that it will be tasteless. You will be surprised by the richness of flavor, it will give you the impression that all those meals were cooked home, right in front of your eyes. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen,  we are here for you. You will have fresh, tasty, vegetarian or nonvegetarian meal for breakfast, dinner or lunch that is  lower in fat and contains various nutrients.

 At Kennethseals we realize the necessity of eating healthy and know about all the benefits that our bodies get by consuming fresh, nutritious products. We also know  a lot about the importance of healthy diets when it comes to losing weight and offer great weight loss programs to people in Dubai. We believe that being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to say no to anything! Our menu is  based on the “Balanced Diet” principles. To reach desires goals, we focus on control of calories and portions, but make sure you get all essential nutrients by eating all kinds of food from all over the world. For each meal, we give you the option of choosing between two alternatives, that in our professionals’ opinion, will help you to get the best result. We also take your opinion into account, and design diet plan that is both, favored and effective for your body.


We have a professional team on dietitians who will provide thorough nutritional and body fat analysis and designs  individualized  diet plan that meets your taste and guarantee the desired result. Our professional cooks make fresh meal everyday with all safety standards. Then this fresh, special, individualized package filled with your pre-portioned pre-ordered items ends up on your table.

Our flexible plans give you the opportunity to make your own menu choices, make adjustments and get deliveries based on your location. Diet Meal Delivery is available In Dubai.


If you want to lose weight in a healthy  way our team is more than happy to help you. Achieving your weight goals will be simple, relaxing and flavorful with Kennethseals.

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Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to say no to anything!


Yes! you can even have cakes and treats if you follow our amazing diet programs


Eating fresh is essential part of our diet

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